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#Shonan is happy #Shonan is happy


Application theme
"Shonan" recruits image, videos under the theme of "Shonan that is happy, and does me forward" to feel during days to spend.
Application period
2020.7.22 Wednesday - 2020.8.21 Friday
Application method
  1. Please respond in official SNS account of 1 terrace mall Shonan.
  2. You put hashtag of "# Shonan is happy", and, during 2 application periods, please post image or video on Twitter, Instagram.
Application privilege
  1. Application privilege 1
    Does it become poster of terrace mall Shonan?
    We use from image which had posters notified in terrace mall Shonan post.
  2. Application privilege 2
    Shopping & meal ticket of terrace mall Shonan hits by lot!
    The election number of people: 100 people
    Privilege contents: Shopping & meal ticket for 2,000 yen to be usable in terrace mall Shonan
  • ※Multiple contribution is possible, too. In addition, we do not make the upper limit for the contribution number of times.
  • ※We draw lots in 100 people from person who had you post during the period mentioned above.
Application condition
  • We respond and "# Shonan is happy" and limits official SNS account of terrace mall Shonan to posted on tsukide Twitter, Instagram.
  • Contribution that account secrecy, hashtag is not on becomes out of application object.
  • When there is act to do account to delete contribution image excluding follow of official account even after contribution during campaign period behind closed doors, it becomes out of application object.
Successful notification
  • Successful notification direct message from SNS account,
    Or I will inform with comment column which had application (contribution).
  • Successful notification plans around the beginning of September, 2020.
We relate to election
  • When there is not reply after the successful contact by date, election becomes invalid.
  • Election will inform only publisher.
Of other application
Instructions of verge
  • Image, video which had you post has possibility using for sales promotion things of terrace mall Shonan.
About Terms of Use
Terrace mall HAPPY ARCHIVE Terrace mall HAPPY ARCHIVE

Terrace mall HAPPY ARCHIVE Terrace mall HAPPY ARCHIVE