Event space use guidance

We offer the hall and space that can hold event outdoors.

Event application procedure

"Event proposal", please send "company profile" to person that the use is hoped for "tentative reservation application" within 45 days before use of event.
We do not accept application only over telephone. When you cannot publicize plan content by convenience, please send proposal as far as you can disclose.

About procedure of application, please confirm event space use guidance.

Available place, details, rate

Number The details, fee

sorakaze stage
(W9m X D4.4m X H0.6m = about 40m²)

Month Week Day
- 2.4 million Weekdays: 200,000
Holiday: 500,000

Gate square
(18m *54m = 972m²)

Month Week Day
- 2.4 million Weekdays: 300,000
Holiday: 600,000

The Village south
(9m *9m = 81m²)

Month Week Day
- 800,000 Weekdays: 100,000
Holiday: 200,000

The Village north
(4.5m *9m = 40.5m²)

Month Week Day
- 300,000 Weekdays: 40,000
Holiday: 60,000

(9m *4.5m = 40.5m²)

Month Week Day
- 300,000 Weekdays: 40,000
Holiday: 60,000

1F north atrium
(11m *9m = 99m²)

Month Week Day
6 million 1.6 million Weekdays: 200,000
Holiday: 400,000

3, 4F common use passage space
(4m *2m = 8m² ※) ※Securable area

Month Week Day
1.2 million 300,000 Weekdays: 40,000
Holiday: 60,000
  • ※As space of special event event that sale act becomes important cannot loan.
  • ※When we bring in household articles of surcharge, we need weighting measures to tile.
  • ※Other than the amount of money mentioned above, event secretariat adjustment costs (electric construction cost, electric fee for use) may be caused by event contents.
  • ※In the case of preparations, venue fee and the guard expense incur the day before from the day before.

The use receptionist is detailed

After the contents examination on the facilities side, we do final decision of enforcement. (I may decline depending on contents.)
Event temporary application, please identify event space use guidance PDF.
※At the time of this application, there is need to have you agree to "terms, the observance matter" to show separately.

Event space use guidance

Event application documents destination

〒251-0041 1-3-1, Tsujidokandai, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa
Sumisho Urban development
Terrace mall Shonan
It is addressed to the operation center event person in charge